Living Objects & Furniture is a belgian brand of high-end timeless and durable textile, interior objects and furniture.

Living Objects & Furniture goes beyond the classical idea of spring or fall collections. We focus on interior objects with a timeless character, transcending trends and we fully commit to sustainability that every interior design lover will adore.
We intentionally avoid mass production. Our self-designed pieces are made in small ateliers and European weaving mills.
We strictly select our producing partners based on the highest quality requirements of all materials  used and their craft skills. We deliberately opt for working with local family businesses; they understand our vision and values and are able to offer the flexibilty we require on behalf of our customers.

Not aiming at standardisation is how we distinguish ourselves.
In doing so, personalization is of uttermost importance: over 80% of our collection can be freely composed by colour, material and finishing. This will always be an important asset, also for future development of accessories and furniture.

Living Objects & Furniture is a joint venture between Loïc Willemot and Bruno Lippens, two driven professionals in the textile and interior design business.

Loïc Willemot is a young designer, passionate about fabrics and textiles since childhood.
His signature is simplicity, durability, with a hint of eccentricity.

Bruno Lippens can rely on many years of experience in the world of design. We know him as founder of Per/ Use, co-owner of Joli and co-founder of Iquas,..